Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 2010 Black - sold

Year: 2010
Interior: Black
Exterior: Black
Engine: 350 / 350 hp, M-20 4-speed

Comments: Fastest GM production car in history.  LS 9 V8 four lobe Eaton "Twin Vortices Series", supercharged with intercooler.  Total output 638 hp with 604 lbs of torque.  Aluminum frame, magnesium fixed room, and visible carbon fiber body compoents as well as huge carbon cereamic breaks to stop at 205 miles per hour track times.  An American benchmark in performance.  "Blue Devil" calipers to match ZR 1 emblems. Cabin is roomy, two-tone black and cashmere interior, leather stitched seats with carbon fiber inserts.