1957 Cadillac Biarritz Convertible


Year: 1957
Exterior: Black
Engine: 365/325 HP, Automatic

- Complete frame-off no expense spared restoration
- Flawless Black paint, base coat clear coat after media blasting, chassis completely overhauled with new components including brakes, suspension, fuel lines, brake lines, steering, linkage etc.
- Extraordinary triple chrome plating & polishing
- 5-24K Gold plated wheels
- New convertible top with new pump, cylinder & lines
- Factory A/C, working "Extremely RARE option"
- Power closing trunk, fiber glass parade boot
- Brand new Red leather interior
- Factory dual carburetors, original factory batwing air cleaners.
- Engine & transmission overhauled with no expense spared
- All new glass, every part either restored or replaced
- Paint color sanded & buffed to mirror finish
- Just completed restoration with countless hours of blood, sweat and tears.

Comments: This is our most treasured 1957 Cadillac Biarritz Convertible.  Frame off and restored by Bill Frye of Nevada.

This stunning example of a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible just underwent a complete frame-off nut and bolt restoration. No expense was spared during the restoration and the results speak for themselves. The vehicle was purchased from the Robert E. Turnquist estate. It had been resting in a barn for the better part of 25 years, remaining completely unmolested and as straight as the day it left the factory.

This '57 Eldorado came complete with almost every option offered in 1957: Dual carburetors with bat wing air cleaner (boosting engine output to 325hp), Power release and closing assist trunk, fiber glass parade boot, fog lights, 6-way power seat, etc. It also features the incredibly RARE Factory A/C Option. Very few of these vehicles left the factory with this option installed. For a restorer, you dream of finding a vehicle this complete (literally every piece intact on the car) and this highly optioned.

These are incredibly expensive vehicles to restore, and their value reflects this expense. Recently, a 1957 Eldorado Biarritz Convertible sold for $280,000 at the Mecum 2010 Indianapolis Collector Car Auction. The car was white with green metallic interior, but did not come with factory A/C.

This restoration began with the entire vehicle being completely disassembled and inventoried. All the upholstery was removed from the panels/seats and saved for templates. The vehicle and all of its parts were then carefully media blasted back to bare metal, and then sealed with a 2-part epoxy primer.

The frame and all of the chassis components were painstakingly brought back to like new condition, all smoothed and then finished with a 2-part satin finish chassis paint. The differential was overhauled, and the drive shaft was refurbished complete with new carrier bearing and u-joints. The suspension was then assembled with all new components in the front and all new bushings/hardware in the rear. From the center link to the tie rod ends, from the ball joints to the brake hardware, everything was brought back to new or better than new condition and operation.

The Engine underwent a complete teardown and rebuild by a machine shop. A new camshaft, lifters, rods, connecting rods, pistons, rings, seals, bearings, etc. were all used to bring the 365 cu. In. V-8 back to new condition. The water pump was rebuilt with NOS components, as well as the power steering pump, power steering gear box, generator, A/C compressor, and dual four barrel carburetors. No expense was spared and originality was maintained in every way. The transmission was also overhauled to complete like new condition.

The brake system also underwent a complete overhaul. The master cylinder and brake boost were both rebuilt to new specs. The entire brake line system was replaced with new stainless steel brake lines. All the rubber hoses were also replaced as well as the wheel cylinders. The drum brakes were turned and all new brake shoes were installed with new hardware.

The fuel tank was completely flushed and cleaned before being installed back on the vehicle. A new stainless steel fuel sending unit was installed as well. The fuel lines were also replaced with all new stainless steel fuel lines. To maintain originality, the fuel pump was also overhauled instead of using a cheaper reproduction.

The vehicle's body was meticulously repaired back to new condition before being given the "white glove" treatment to bring all the panel lines and door gaps back to better than new condition. The bodywork was completed and the entire vehicle was then disassembled again to be primed and painted. Again, a high quality 2-part epoxy primer was used, followed by a base coat/clear coat system to give the vehicle the amazing depth and color that people expect with this caliber of a restoration. The vehicle was color-sanded thru 3000 grit before being meticulously buffed out to the ultra high "wet look" gloss that you see today.

The brand new red leather upholstery was painstakingly reproduced by Arturo's Aircraft Upholstery out of Kingman, Az. The original upholstery was used as a template to provide an exact replica of what you would have seen on the show room floor. Every stitch, bolster, and panel line are all in the correct location. The foam, canvas, etc.. were all replaced with new, as well as all the metal being epoxy primed, before being wrapped with the beautiful red leather. The vehicle was also lined with Dynamat before having the jute and bright red cut pile carpet installed. This provides an incredibly quiet ride.

The convertible top was replaced with a new black vinyl top. The hydraulic pump, cylinders, and hoses were all replaced with new components. The top frame was overhauled completely, replacing any worn out bushings or hardware. It functions flawlessly through its entire range of motion for the "oh-so-rare" times you want to have the top up.

The chrome on this vehicle was one of the largest expenses incurred. There are receipts in excess of $25,000 for all of the chrome and stainless components that were refurbished. The aluminum "bumper-ettes" were painstakingly brought back to new condition before being plated. An additional cost was incurred to have the 5 saber wheels plated with real 24K (solid) gold. Everywhere you look, the chrome on this vehicle is as flawless as it is breathtaking.

The electrical harness on this vehicle was replaced with a reproduction harness that is correct in every detail, including the original plug ends. Every electrical component was overhauled to like new condition. Every window switch, every ashtray and cigar lighter, the headlights, the instrument panel, the courtesy lights, literally every component has been refurbished and works as new.

All the glass was replaced with new, including the Windshield. All new weather-stripping was used on this vehicle, from the windshield gasket, to the ash tray bumpers, from the body bushings to the convertible top. Every piece fits and functions perfectly.

This vehicle amazes you in every way. Everywhere you look the attention to detail can be appreciated. Originality was maintained throughout the restoration, extensively using an authenticity manual for reference. There were no corners cut, no expenses spared, and an incredible amount of blood sweat and tears poured into this restoration. Hours upon countless hours were spent to make this the finest example of the Eldorado Biarritz Convertible in existence today.

Price: Not for sale, part of private collection